Why Choose BookCrafters

We offer a free consultation prior to beginning a project, discussing the author's expectations and our scope of work in the lengthy, and sometimes confusing, publishing process. We discuss your publishing options and explain the format needed for the documents and photographs. We are available by phone and email throughout the entire process. Proofs (PDFs) are sent to you for editing and approval every step of the way.

BookCrafters fees are charged by the hour rather than by the project. Clients are advised of options to publish a book and a comparison between, Ingram Spark (IS), Snowfall Press (SFP), and HF Group (Book Partners-BP), to help you decide which printing process to use. The better prepared an author is, the less it costs to publish a book.

If a PDF needs changes, the cost is by the hour, no matter how many times, or how many changes need to be made. If errors are found in the proof copy, corrections can be made. The client pays us by the hour to make those changes and pays the additional set-up fees charged, if applicable. Only the actual fees charged by the printer are passed on to you.

We offer a full range of services from editing, formatting, original cover design and distribution of your book. We can send you a detailed list of the steps necessary to publish a book which notes who is responsible for each step, you or BookCrafters. We return your print files to you at no charge.

If your book includes photographs or illustrations, we explain the format required to print these in your book. If photographs need to be scanned or edited in Photoshop, we charge by the hour for that service.

We can provide and register an ISBN ($100) with Bowker and can provide a Catalog in Publication (CIP) description. Your book can be submitted for distribution worldwide or printed only for private use.

All book royalties are paid directly to the author. BookCrafters does not take a percentage of your royalties.

Books can be purchased by the author at the wholesale price. Since all books are printed on demand (POD), an author never needs to order a large quantity to stock and store. Books published through IS are listed in the Ingram Catalog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Expresso Book Machine and can be purchased through bookstores worldwide.

BookCrafters can convert your book for all digital readers and help you open your own Amazon Kindle and Smashwords accounts. By having your own accounts, royalties are paid directly to you.

An author often asks us if he can publish a book for less than $500-1000. The answer is YES! A carefully edited manuscript can quickly be formatted, at an hourly rate. An original cover can be designed by our graphic designers, at an hourly rate. The more organized and prepared an author is, the less time it takes to format and submit the book for printing. An hourly rate normally adds up to much less than a "package deal" offered by many publishers.

Why choose BookCrafters over other publishers? It will cost you less to publish with us because we try to keep your costs down and explain how you can do that. We are the perfect fit for the first-time author. We provide personal service. We cheerfully answer questions and explain the publishing process. We want to produce a book worthy of your hard work. We complete your book as quickly as possible, sometimes meeting seemingly impossible deadlines. We take pride in our work because we want you to tell your friends and neighbors about us and come back to us when you are ready to publish again. Most of our new business comes from referrals.

Contact us to compare pricing and services. We welcome your questions and business. We will be happy to give you references from previous clients. Please visit our Testimonials page.